How can Unlocking Your Chakras Make You Financially Abundant?

Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.

These inspiring words from the Father of Motivation, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer often make me ponder. We tend to equate success with money when it is easy to forget that money is complimentary to success.

Think about it for a minute.

I’m sure you might know people who are opulent. We all have a rich aunt or a crazy uncle with sizeable wealth. But ARE THEY SUCCESSFUL?

Chances are, these people are hated by their relatives, abandoned by their children, and usually live alone with all that wealth. They don’t grow, they never lend a helping hand in their community, and lead bitter lives full of frustration and contempt for others.

Now, imagine a person whom you find successful. Look at how they lead their life. They might not be gazillionaires, but they certainly lead a rich, content, and peaceful life. They’re upstanding pillars of community, they are often generous and they always make time to help others. Not to mention they have a secure job or run a thriving business.

What is so special about these people?

How are they prosperous?

Can you be like them?

If you observe really closely, you will find that such people effuse a very positive energy. It feels so good to be near them and you are filled almost a Zen-like feeling after you meet them –. What is this?

This is their chakras at work.

Chakras and prosperous people

Chakras are swirling energy disks within our bodies. Although there are 114 chakras in total, there are 7 primary chakras that arise from the tail bone of the spine and go all the way up to your crown. You can think of chakras as a direct pipeline to the human neural network. These chakras rotate clockwise, the same direction in which the galaxy revolves.

Every chakra has a unique frequency. When we’re born, the chakras in our bodies display their pure color. As we grow older, the negativity, trauma, and loss in our lives leaves a toxic impression on our chakras. As a result, they become dull, preventing us from engaging freely and fully in our lives.

But what about people we do come across who seem to have it all? In the truest sense? They lead prosperous lives, are accomplished, well-read, fit, and genuinely nice human beings. They have clarity of thought and are full of purpose.

How do they do that?

It happens because they make their chakras work for them, whether subconsciously or with their will. With balanced chakras, they ensure that their lives remain full of abundance, prosperity, and a sense of purpose.

Can you do that?

Of course. All you need to do is practice a few tips to unblock your chakras from the toxic energy accumulated throughout your life from trauma and negative experiences.

Balanced chakras allow you to immerse fully into the present regardless of the situation – a perfect example of how living in complete abundance feels like. If you want more such insightful content delivered to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter right away!

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