The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra: Sahasrara Chakra

Crown chakra is at the top of the chakras system that is situated at the top of the chakras system. Since it sits like a crown and radiates upwards, so the name is crown chakra. Being a financial CHAKRAS practitioner, I can say that even mindfulness experts have the least understanding of the crown chakra.

The main reason that holistic coaches ignore the Sahasrara chakra is they consider it more spiritual, though the notion is partially true. A balanced crown chakra gives you a feeling of a genuine connection with your mission, pleasure in work, and you feel the momentum. Having an imbalanced crown chakra means you feel indecisive, listless, and even depressed. It affects your overall holistic wellness status.

Why Crown Chakra Matters

Whether in business or life, not having a bigger picture or not being attached to the mission will lead you nowhere. Many people always complain of not getting your calling. Some people realize it rather quickly in life. This calling comes from your seventh chakra. So the purpose of your life comes from the energy centers of your body. What can be better than your energy centers becoming your mentor, guide or life coach in the pursuit of your ultimate destiny? Aligning or activating the second chakra can lead to the path of ultimate transformation in life.

The seventh chakra is also associated with the transcendence of human limitations. When it’s fully awakened, we feel a state of blissful union and there is utmost clarity in our thoughts and purpose.

Energy Blockages in the Crown Chakra

Underactive crown chakra results in detachment with the universal energy and we fail to realize the true purpose of life. When the crown chakra is deficient in energy, we tend to lose. We feel restless and may suffer from excessive materialism which is also not good. We have difficulty trusting our path and being attached to our goals. So we change our goals frequently. On the other hand, a hyperactive crown chakra propels towards spirituality. With the help of third eye chakra, we can identify our goals, and the crown chakra helps us stick to this path.

Let’s Understand It This Way

Often it happens in life that professionals or entrepreneurs work so hard that they forget what they want to achieve in the first place. Is it a material success? Is it only success in career?
What they forget is they need to first achieve a milestone that gives them joy. All of the success matters only when you are happy. And only a happy mind can achieve the success you crave.

When Sahasrara or seventh chakra is in perfect harmony, your mind and body are tuned to achieve financial abundance. This happens because the pranic energy flows naturally from energy bodies to physical body effortlessly. And when this happens, you have limitless personal growth.

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