The Heart Chakra

The Crucial Role of Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) in Our Lives

Welcome! I’m Ash Shukla;Founder of the Financial CHAKRA mission. In this blog, I’ll explain about Anahata chakra or the heart chakra. 

What is Anahata Chakra?

Popularly called the heart chakra, this is situated near the chest and serves as the repository of higher forms of emotions, habits, and desires. The Anahata chakra controls human emotions such as kindness, patience, and empathy. 

What does this mean? A person with an underdeveloped heart chakra is not emotionally mature and their human qualities are often not fully developed.

But what if your heart chakra is highly active? Following are some of the symptomsthat may occur:

  • You find it difficult to forget your break up.
  • The thought of having been cheated by your business partner still haunts your mind.
  • You say yes to everything and everyone.
  • You love intensely and cry when a relationship breaks
  • You are excessively emotional.
  • Physical symptoms, such as problems with the heart, lungs, arms, and hands are seen.

Let us try to understand this better with the help of a few examples:

The heart chakra has a greater significance in personal lives, especially in relationships. Dwelling too much on past relationships can be a possible sign of a blocked or deactivated heart chakra. To restore your hope and optimism, you must remove obstructionsfrom the heart chakra. 

Often some people hold personal grudges and carry pain in their heart for a long time. The memories of past incidents keep haunting them and preventing them from enjoying their present life. 

I meet many people during my workshops who have lost their partners and suffered huge losses in business. I always suggest them to forget the past and move forward in life. The “forgive and forget”is an attitude is extremely important to move ahead in life. 

Those having an imbalanced heart chakra may also suffer from low self-esteem and are overtly self-critical.

They may not feel good enoughand usually be too harsh on themselves. This prevents them from realizing their full potential. 

Having a balanced Anahata chakra can create prospects that push your success to new heights.

Let me tell you an incident about this guy. When he was a kid, teachers always rebuked him for being too stupid and even told him he was good for nothing. When he grew up, he was fired twice from his job for being unproductive. 

Later, this same individual went on to invent the light bulb and electricity. How could he scale such heights in success?Can you tell me who this person was? Take a guess.

I’m talking about none other than Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest scientists of the modern era.   

He never lost faith of his own abilities and rarely cared for negative feedbacks. He could do so because of his balanced heart chakra.

Had it not been balanced, he would have lost hope in his childhood, after all the negative feedback that he received. 

You can find many such stories of human success and failure in all walks of life. And the primary reason that decides success and failure is a balanced heart chakra. You need to balance it to rise higher in your life.  

During my workshops, I always emphasize on getting rid of negative emotions as they block your heart chakra. Being successful is impossible without unblocking and activating your Anahata chakra.

Serial entrepreneurs fail many times. They suffer losses, but they still keep on going, until one day they succeed.

During my Financial CHAKRA program, I teach some really powerful techniques to unblock your heart chakra so that you can achieve new heights in life.These secret techniques are mentioned in the Vedas and sacred ancient Hindu scriptures. 

I’ll be happy to assist you if you’re going through a similar phase. You can talk to me directly.

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