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What Are Financial CHAKRAS?


 Financial CHAKRAS!!! is an independent financial firm advising clients throughout the nation. Founded in 2004, we have developed our business by reaching out, nurturing and maintaining close, and trusting relationships with each of our clients.

As A trusted advisors wee understand how important it is for you to have a trusted & resourceful professionals that you can count on.

We serve our clients by providing them with People, Process, & Procedures that are crucial to their financial success.  We have over 100 clients that we serve. Weather our clients are trying to prepare an Estate Plan, Retirement Plan, Small business 401K, Rollover 401K 403B 457, Index Annuities, Save for kids education, business succession plan, buy a car insurance & Home insurance, Business liability insurance, Indexed Universal Life insurance, Term Life Insurance insurance, Individual health insurance, Group health insurance we are here to help. We provide customized solutions that are Strong, Growth Based, & Secure.

Ash Shukla and his team is always eager to help their clients with their financial needs. We are experienced, responsive and understanding financial professionals. 

We believe in objective based help. Our sole goal during our meeting is to make our clients financial dreams come true.  Perhaps that is the reason we have not lost clients in our financial practice.  

What others say about Ash Shukla.

"My wife and I first met Ash about five and half years ago at a seminar he gave on investments. Since then we have invested our retirement accounts with him. Based on our experiences with stock market declines over the years, first with a large brokerage house and then with a major bank handling our investments, we wish we had mat Ashish earlier. Our accounts have shown no losses during the 2008 downward market movement. It is particularly important to us to preserve our principle since we have reached retirement age. Also, our accounts are set up to provide us lifetime income while capturing upside potential while experiencing ZERO market losses during market downturns. Ash has given us personal attention and has been available when we needed to consult with him ever since he started handling our investments. We view him a friend as well as an adviser. We believe he is genuinely concerned about our financial future and we look forward to a long relationship with him." 

Frank & Judy Hays Ellicott City MD

I recently had the opportunity to meet and discuss several issues with Mr. Shukla. I found him to be both knowledgable and personable. I truly believe that new and established businesses will find his insight and guidance valuable.?

~Roberta L. Clay, Key Business solutions, LLC, Bel Air 

 Ash@FinancialChakras.Com or call us at (443) 832 - 3275 today!

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From the left

Ash Shukla shared the stage as a keynote speaker at the Bowie State University with Congressman Steny Hoyer, Morgan State University with Congressman Elijah Cummings, Frostburg State University with Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.  Ash addressed over 900 small business owners for 60 minute keynote speech.

One of these Congressman was so impressed he took a flag, flew it over countries capital and sent it to him.  As a special thanks for serving the small business community and doing a great job helping small business grow.

Ash Shukla performs as a keynote speaker at the Bowie State University 


"Ash is one of these individuals who captures your attention right away; he is very engaging and entertaining. In a very short amount of time he was able to, in a very professional way, describe his business, giving important tips on moving our business to different levels"

~Judy Wilson - Executive Director of the Grater Crofton Chamber of Commerce.

Call Ash today (410) 493 - 3358 or E-Mail Ash today to address your audience. 


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