Unblocking Financial Abundance

Get grounded with your finances

Before you do anything else, you must learn to figure out what makes and keeps you grounded. This can help bring experience a sense of peace and propel you towards prosperity.

Measure your potential in dollars

Until now, you have been told that your potential is infinite.
Ask yourself, is infinity measurable? Most of us get excited about reaching a specific goal. So, in this segment, you will learn what your potential is in dollars in today’s world, so that you can begin to invest time on this earth and not waste it.

Create your fastest energy path

Create a customized, fastestenergy path, based on your primary chakras to reach your potential using Ash’s Financial CHAKRAS formula. Keep things simple but with a strong financial foundation.

Navigate real-world issues using the Financial CHAKRAS formula

Unlike other programs, we are going to help you put everything you have learned into practice as you face your business problems in your life.

Monitor consistent cash flows orinvestments

You will learn practical tips on how to monitor yourinvested income and will be given access to our data aggregation tool to track your cash flow.

The Best Experience Ever


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