Many ask, “How can you mix Finances and Chakras?”

We ask, “How can you separate the two?”

Those who wish to reach Financial NIRVANA must align the inner path and embrace the outer journey to gain full financial mastery and ultimate spiritual satisfaction of accomplishment.

The words Financial CHAKRAS were first coined and established by Ash Shukla along with his grandfather in 2008. Founded on the pillars of practical and energetic alignment, Financial CHAKRAS helps you with inner and outer alignment so that you take control of your life.

Our strength lies in our purity of purpose. We strive for individual entrepreneurs and business-owners to do well, spiritually and financially. We find utmost satisfaction in knowing that because of us, you are in a better place today than yesterday. We teach for inner and outer alignment. We pride in our network of professionals who truly care to make a difference.

At Financial CHAKRAS, we start with the inner journey, work through the outer journey, and reach the final destination of Financial Nirvana.The teaching begins with the Vedas, carving its path through Chakras, and their application in present-day business and finance.

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