Everything You Need to Know About Kundalini Chakra

Welcome! I’m Ash Shukla. I consider myself really fortunate to talk about kundalini energy with you. Of late, this concept has piqued the interest of many people and they want to know more about it.

In this blog, I’ll explain some of the most fundamental concepts related to kundalini energy.

So what is kundalini energy?

Kundalini is an invisible form of divine energy hidden in a coiled spring- like structure at the base of the spinal cord. Starting from the Muladhara point which is close to the root of the spine, it ends at the point between two eyebrows.

I know this definition may sound a bit complex and you may not fully understand it at this stage. But, no worries, you’ll understand it later once you finish reading this blog.

Sounds perplexing? Let’s understand it through a story.

There was a student who was passionate about the craft of cinema and wanted to take admission to the University of South California, which was one of the best institutions for aspiring filmmakers. However, his application was rejected because of his poor grades in academics.

He tried again but got rejected again. However, he didn’t lose heart. He applied the third time for admission, but the university refused to accept his application.

Can you guess the person?

He is none other than Steven Spielberg, who happens to be one of the most successful filmmakers in the world.

But what would have been the reaction of a common man after three successive rejections?

S/he would have lost all hope. Many would have stopped applying again, or would have even given up on this career path altogether. But Spielberg was different. He was not afraid of rejections since his Muladhara chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra was activated. Though I am sure he was not aware of these things.

On the other hand, what about the chakras of the person who rejected Spielberg – surely he failed to identify a genius, surely his chakras were not activated.

This is the fundamental characteristic of these chakras — they make people confident in their abilities. Each chakra helps you connect with the people of higher energies naturally. Chakras of successful people are already activated, though they are not aware of it. It helps them believe in their abilities. They know how to use this life force effectively. You, too, can activate these chakras to tap your full potential.

So, in simple terms, kundalini energy remains hidden in the body whose potential has not been realized. This is your untapped power which can be an unending source of energy.

And strangely, kundalini is in the human body but people have no idea of where it is situated and how it can be activated to realize their ultimate destiny.

We will discuss this in more detail and understand various other associated concepts in upcoming blogs.

You may ask what the authenticity of this concept is. Is it a new marketing fad or is it something real?

Good question! I always love people who are curious, and those who don’t accept anything at its face value.

Well, the concept of kundalini is very old. Ancient Hindu scriptures such as Patanjali Sutra, Vedas, and Upnishads have enough references. Even Buddhism and Jainism offer insights about the presence of kundalini chakras in the human body.

The Bhagwad Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture, describes this as an evolutionary force that can be awakened by opposing forces in the body. When we meditate, these opposing forces unite in the body and start activating the central channel in the spinal cord.

How the kundalini can be activated

This is not difficult but requires consistent practice. Like anything you do in life to master a craft, you can activate this through many yogic practices like hatha yoga, pranayama (deep breathing), asana (sitting postures), and mudras (symbolic gestures).

Those who are super successful may not be doing all this, but ordinary people like you and I need to follow a process.

And why this kundalini energy matters

Kundalini is the life force, and this is very different from other sources of energy we take every day in the form of food or drink. The problem with this form of energy is —it is destructible.

You can eat five or six times a day, but this energy is exhausted soon. Kundalini chakras, on the other hand, offer an unending source of energy. For example, the food energy you take is like a coal-based power plant. It is like a renewable source of energy.

I hope the concept is getting clearer by now.

Harnessing this divine power enables an individual to channelize this dormant latent energy for spiritual and material prosperity.

Yes, you heard it right- kundalini awakening is directly related to your financial prosperity.

How you can achieve financial stability with kundalini awakening

The altitude of your success is determined by chakras. Kundalini awakening removes imbalances in energies and also heals the body’s energy system.

When different chakras are in perfect alignment, your mind and body are in a perfectly stable state.

You can think 360 degrees and can make sound decisions faster. Your emotions and actions are in perfect sync with each other. The positive impact of your thoughts and actions is reflected in whatever you do.

Though not everybody can become a billionaire, a human being can certainly realize their full financial potential by activating their chakras.

Your mind will be free from fear, greed, and anxiety. In times of crisis, your mind will not become numb. And you’ll start reaping the benefits of this new state in your life.

Gradually, you’ll be negotiating better in business deals, and even attracting higher-level business opportunities.

Your nervous system is now stronger, and you can maintain your cool in tough situations. You’ll feel a transformative change in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation. You’ll get to know many more fascinating concepts going forward. You’ll learn about various chakras and their significance in life. So keep tuned in to our blogs regularly.

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