How to Build a Profound Spiritual Business?

“Without a spiritual element, a leader – whether political, economic, or otherwise – is definitely handicapped.” – Sadhguru

Are you highly intuitive? Did you have problems fitting in your social circle as a child? Have you had a yearning since a young age to make a dent in the universe? Want to leave behind a legacy? Are you always on the lookout for personal development? Do you always feel like your life has a purpose? Do you think you should know The Truth?

Then you are not just an old soul, you are a deeply spiritual person and you must share this gift with the world.

Who is a spiritual entrepreneur?

A spiritual entrepreneur is an overarching archetype who encompasses an entrepreneurial energy that’s heart-centered and conscious. Spiritual entrepreneurs are driven by a deep-seated desire to help others while doing things that uplift and bring joy to them. Such entrepreneurs are innovative, fierce in their pursuit of challenges, and want to make an impact in the world.

How can a spiritual entrepreneur build a business?

Erm… excuse me, why does money matter to a spiritual person? Well, if you have amazing gifts, it only makes sense to share them with the world. The best way to do it?

Become a spiritual entrepreneur.

Starting a spiritual business can be a great way to align your passion and your career with your financial well-being. There is no roadmap to building a spiritual business. There’s not really a class that you can take. But this does not mean that you cannot reach out to others. In fact, that is the first step towards building a profound spiritual business.

First, build your tribe

Everybody needs a support system, especially entrepreneurs. It’s nice to know that you are not the only one who is going through the trials and tribulations of the business life. Entrepreneurs thrive on constructive criticism, encouragement, and collaboration – and this is exactly what your tribe will assist you with.

When starting out, don’t be shy to reach out. Find out like-minded entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and reach out to them. You can also ask a mutual friend to introduce you to another spiritual entrepreneur. People are much friendlier if they get to know that you are also in the same boat as them.

You can also attend networking sessions online to connect with others like you. For example, I keep organizing the Financial Chakras seminars from time to time. Register online and begin building your tribe. But you must own your expertise, otherwise what would you talk about?

Identify your purpose and build a story behind it

Yes, all spiritual entrepreneurs can have the same purpose of trying to change the world, but how they define it and what triggered that purpose are all going to be different. There is NOBODY ELSE LIKE YOU and nobody has the EXACT SAME STORY AS YOURS.

The WHY behind what you do will set you apart. This will not only help you make a place among your tribe members, but will also allow you to connect with your clients. When you’re just beginning, really reflect on: Why do I want to do this? Go beyond “creating an impact”, “personal freedom”, “financial stability”, and really dig deep to identify the root cause that motivated you to step up.

Most of you who know me are familiar with my story. I came to the US in 1989 with just $20 and zero understanding of English. As of today, I’ve helped over 5,000 businesses in taking their revenues to more than seven figures. I am also a sought-after keynote speaker and Congressionally honored for my contribution towards small businesses.

How did you feel when you heard this story? It made you relate to me instantly, isn’t it? You hold the same power over your clients. All you need to do is find your story and build a platform to share it on.

Create a spiritual platform for your tribe

Always remember this – YOU ARE YOUR BEST AMBASSADOR!

That’s correct. You need to have a presence in order to create an impact. You might be thoroughly gifted, but if people don’t know you, there’s no point in having your gifts. In today’s day and age, the best businesses are the ones that operate seamlessly both online and offline.

Create your social media handles and start sharing your words of wisdom. Begin working on a website on the side too, you know for announcing your offline sessions and lead generation. Invest in a good team that helps you with SEO, content, and online reputation management. Also, once in a while, do go live on YouTube or your social media handles, so that your followers can connect with you instantly.

Try to come up with authentic content that makes your online profile stand out from others. If you take a look at the Financial Chakras website, you will instantly observe this. My website is unconventional, right from the name of my business to the content that I write – and this is why it works. People look forward to hearing or reading what I have to say or write. Of course, I refrain from selling myself short.

Don’t restrain yourself

Every master was once an amateur.

Everybody starts from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually unimpressive, low-budget, and full of errors. But this shouldn’t stop you from looking at the bigger picture. Because this bigger picture is a reality that you have to strive to achieve, right from your early days as an entrepreneur.

Setting boundaries is alright, but not crossing them because “you are the new entrepreneur on the block”, is not the solution. You might be tempted to give free sessions because your 10-year-old competitor is doing it. But think, will it really help YOUR practice?

Think of your business as a living organism that requires energy to survive. This energy is money. If you keep giving away things and sessions for free, you will start feeling depleted. A good practice is to start with a short, free session and proceed with longer sessions that are paid. This will serve two purposes. First, your clients will have a free session to assess your skills and check if they connect with you. Secondly, it will help instill trust in their hearts that you are doing this because you want to help them and they have the option to leave if they want to.

As with every business, it always helps to do some market research. Try finding out what other healers are charging, whether there are group session rates that are different from the one-on-one sessions, and what experience they hold. More importantly, try to figure out what price point would make you content in offering your gifts. A spiritual business takes time to build but with the right intention and patience, you will eventually have good traction.

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