Love vs. Greed – What are we chasing?

We’ve imagined this life to unfold in a certain way – quicker, easier and more efficiently. Most of us don’t want to work hard anymore. Need groceries? Use an app. Can’t (or don’t want to) meet friends? Video call them. Hungry? Order food, don’t cook. This greed for getting things done quickly without thinking – this constant need for shortcuts – is what is causing distress. To some degree.

The big question: What are we really chasing?

Are you chasing love? Or are you chasing greed?

Allow me to explain.

How many of you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day? 

The Day of Love? 

Romance and the love of your life – there is nothing in the world that’s more precious than this! Valentine’s Day also honors the sacrifice of St. Valentine, who believed in the importance of love and gave up his life to stand against its oppression. Yet, for a day that’s all about celebrating such an amazing virtue, it’s interesting to note how this day has become just about stuff to many. 

That’s right.

A consumerist world has taught us to measure and express love with presents, flowers, and expensive meals rather than spending quality time with our loved ones. Greed, sadly, has got a strong foothold in our culture. In fact, with everything that has gone down in the last year, greed had a lot to do with it. The avarice for food, power, or possessions causes diseases, chaos, or ruckus in the world. 

Let’s approach this from a different angle. 

The music of the sages, monks, mystics and shamans is quite enchanting. There is a certain hypnotism to the way they chant hymns, play flutes or even sway to music. They are not trained to sing or dance, formally. Yet, you feel so uplifted when you’re in their company.

On the other hand, you don’t find such soulful music in the commercial, mainstream bands. The wise sing out of love – for the nature, for their gods, for themselves, for eternal happiness. The singers and bands sing for money, fame, and fans. 

“Shift from love to greed is the root of all problems.

Do you know what causes greed?

An unbalanced muladhara chakra.

That’s right.

The primary human needs are shelter, water, food and survival. The muladhara chakra or the root chakra is focused on satisfying these needs. Chakra imbalance can manifest itself at a physical or an emotional level. A lot of people experience this imbalance without even being aware of it. Greed, restlessness, insecurity, impatience, materialistic obsessions are the symptoms of a blocked muladhara chakra. The key to balance the muladhara chakra is to learn to accept that the mental or physical ailments are messages that your mind or body is trying to convey something to you. 

From love to greed to love again – The big shift

As the human civilization started evolving, the survival instinct made uncertainty go out the window. Capitalism kept pushing our muladhara chakra to emerge financially stronger – creating the notion that money was the root to happiness, the fuel to propel us into the future. However, after decades of environmental degradation, world wars, exploitation of natural resources, genocides, discrimination, and racism – all in the name of money – we’re again reaching the conclusion that love triumphs all.
In other words, humans are now looking to reactivate their anahata chakra.

The anahata chakra is the seat of the Divine Self, the Aatma. When energy of the anahata chakra flows upward towards spiritual consciousness, we express our feelings as pure divine love and devotion. However, if consciousness sinks down within the spheres of worldly passion, confusion shrouds us, giving way to jealousy, sadness and despair. 

Can’t make head or tail of what I'm trying to say? 

Just remember:

“External happiness comes from the Muladhara Chakra while internal happiness comes from the Anahata Chakra. 

External happiness is not all bad actually. Don’t get me wrong.

The natural instinct to rise

A bird wants to soar up in the sky. A wolf might need to lead the pack. A seed breaks the earth to rise up. A human being might want to be rich, powerful and famous. Or become enlightened. All of these are attempts to rise. This is what creation does – making us realize our fullest potential is hardwired into the DNA of all living beings. Few of us might do it knowingly, others unconsciously, but everyone makes efforts to rise.

You might think that somebody who is seeking money is not good but the truth is, becoming rich is their ladder to happiness. For you, this ladder might be travel. For others, it could be experiences, energies, emotions and so on.

What the present times need is both a strong anahata as well as the muladhara chakra. You must strive to make your mark upon the world but at the same time, your heart must be open to receiving whatever the world throws your way. This will steer you away from a place of greed and guide you in the direction of love, support and emotional well-being.

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